PAN Station

Today flew by! We had a math seminar, practiced our inductive reasoning skills, and read some more in Edwin Abbot’s Flatland.   The class performed a news parody to cover current events.  We discussed government shut downs, the Affordable Health Care Act, and filibusters. In French, the class is learning about household chores.  Tomorrow, Coach Dave will be here to teach tennis.  We also will be volunteering downtown tomorrow after school.  Great Monday Everyone!


History project due Thursday

1984 (1-4)

Google seminar on Wednesday

Word problems Friday

Mathematical Tacos

It began a long time ago, actually it was this morning- beginning with organizing our classroom. We were interrupted by our new class mates-math materials. The materials are very complicated stuff like the fifth power of a binomial. Moving along… we had a cooking class with Chef Rob. We made the best tacos ever! Following lunch, we went to Goodwill and donated  books. After, we presented our science projects (energy flow, plant/animal cells, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration). We finished the day with a relaxing french lesson.


Instinct vs Choice

8/9 years reviewed their Algebra skills (percents, irrational #s, properties of real #s, and ratios).  Our 7th years worked on understanding the difference between evaluating, simplifying, and solving equations. We also spent the morning completing our Paleolithic Era nomenclature on the Timeline of Humanity.  This week’s seminar reading was titled Living Like Weasels by Annie Dillard.  Students are starting to grasp the art of seminar. Everyone participated and asked analytical questions. I was really impressed.  Tomorrow is projects, puzzles, and presentations day.