We Spacelanders had a challenging time understanding the world of Flatland.  How do you have a society without being able to see each other? Why are there only pentagon houses? Why do women have their own door to enter houses? Why are priests circles? The conversation will continue on Monday, as will our conversation about angles.  The class spent time mastering angles and signed numbers.  We had to go back and remember how to use a protractor. After lunch, we had our first grammar workshop of the year.  The focus was on types of conjunctions and usage of commas.  We also had a peer editing session with our summer reading assignments.  Students will be completing their planning document for the Indus River Valley. They have been asked to draw a map of the region.  Tomorrow we will be working in the garden.  And please remember that tomorrow you will be presenting your Micro-Economy  ideas.  Elizabeth is hosting our first community lunch of the year.  Can’t wait!

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