Fettuccine Friday

Today we started by coloring a simple chart of the Nitrogen cycle before half the group began work on their individual occupation projects while the other half set out to draw the many kinds of leaf margins. At 10:00 AM we went to Dierbergs and bought items for the Fettuccine Carbonara recipe Elizabeth brought in. It took us till noon but we finally came out  of the kitchen triumphant with a pan full of delicious noodles. After a great lunch we had a meeting to decide what we would do as micro economy project for the Grill Fest, (were going to be selling Pretzels but, shhhhh, its a secret). We then headed out to the garden to discuss what needs to be done in the garden and to the compost bin. This is a list of things were going to be setting out to do. – Jordan

– Buy red wigglers

– Worm education boards for garden

– Put latches on compost bin

– Compost bin needs to be stirred and broken down

– Composting 101 Assembly 

– Garden work on Monday and Friday

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