Timeline Tuesday

This morning we greeted and helped walk the primary students to their classrooms. In math we began work on polyominoes; figures made from congruent squares. We unsuccessfully attempted to put 12 different pentomino’s (polyominoes with 5 units) into a 12×5 rectangle. Also, interesting fact, the pieces in Tetris are called tetrominos. Mr. Kahn visited shortly and had a meeting with Ms. Jenna. After lunch we worked on our compost presentation and we had a grammar lesson on colons and dashes. In humanities, we were introduced to the timeline of humanity.  Our study for the semester will be focused around two questions 1.) Why is the study of the whole human history important and 2.) Why is history important?  In French,  Josh, Anthony, and I learned about the French family.  Steven and Elizabeth practiced numbers 1 to 20.  Tonight, we will prepare for seminar.