Our creative expression project today began with a lesson on shape and form.  We identified the difference between the two terms and began to create our own forms by folding, bending, and rolling paper. Once we decided on the perfect form, we constructed the form multiple times.  Then we consider space and balance to position our forms into a final sculptural arrangement.  We had a successful seminar reading Heywood Broun’s The Fifty-First Dragon.  Our discussion focused on defining cowardliness and confidence. In the afternoon, we worked on tomorrow’s presentation and our individual research assignments.  

One thought on “Confidence

  1. Hello Everyone,
    your blog was very much fun to read. It looks quite professional and the work you do is really impressive. You represent what our school stands for very well – love of learning, enthusiasm,
    collaboration and compassion. You contribute much to making our school a great place for young people. Thank you!
    Miss Anita

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