Trust and Friendship

Ian Stewart describes Mathematics as “a very unforgiving subject.”  There are right answers and wrong answers. It builds new concepts on top of old ones. The class began their day discussing the difficulties of mathematics.  We all agree that math is often challenging, but from reading Ian Stewart’s Letters to a Young Mathematician we are beginning to understand that the more mathematics we learn, the more opportunities we will find to ask new questions-new discoveries are being made everyday. Following our discussion, we had a very productive math workshop. I reviewed the family of quadrilaterals lesson for my elementary albums and some of the students worked on their problem solving skills.  In the afternoon,  we discussed the characters from Seedfolks. Students are working on creating a character analysis chart.  The general response to Seedfolks was positive. It is true, gardens can bring a community together- but our goal- is to learn how to support our opinions with details from the text.  We will also continue to use literary terms to discuss the readings in class. In history, we learned the nomenclature of the Upper Paleolithic cultures.  Great Monday Everyone!

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