pretsels : )

We started our day helping walk the younger students to their classrooms. One of the students named Anthony always wants to be walked in by me (Anthony). Our morning was then officially started with a morning meeting, which was followed up by a discussion of the sixth chapter of Letters To a Young Mathematician, but was interrupted when Ms. Megan came in yelling “spider, spider.” We then studied the geometric qualities of a spiderweb and watched a video discussing the strength of spiderwebs. After that we had a follow-up about Ecology which we had been studying earlier this week. After that we split up and worked on our individual science presentations. While Jordan and I (Anthony) became young business men scheduling meetings with Ms. Anita and Ms. Amy about a plant identification field guide that we started last year. Then came lunch. It was quite uneventful, unlike yesterday.

To kick off the afternoon, we discussed the necessary ingredients to make a proper entrepreneur. Continuing on our journey through the day, we had some free time which we used to shoot hoops, and to play with physics (“shhhhhhhh”, said Anthony). Resuming our work, we began to set up our Premium Pretzel bar for Grill Fest, (don’t tell anyone we might have miss spelled pretzle, or is it pretsel). Then we began to write the blog, and then we were just asked by Ms. Jenna what we wanted from life right now. I (Josh) answered world knowledge, or a chocolate sunday, I (Anthony) said my character analysis chart and my Letters to a Young Mathematician, long story short i miss placed both objects due on Monday. That pretty much raps up the day, but we’re not done yet, we still have French and the International Grill Fest. Don’t forget our pretsels (pretzels) are available at the price of $3.00. Bye for now.

– Josh and the executive producer Anthony 

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