Length + Type + Structure = Variety

The students spent the past couple of weeks outside of school writing their own test for Chapter 1 in Geometry. They spent the morning taking each other’s test and will spend tonight grading their test. Overall, I was really impressed.  We absolutely will do this again.  The grammar lesson today was on sentences.  We reviewed length, types, and structure of sentences.  The class labeled sentences in their own paragraph.  We reviewed our humanities planning document and discussed the indicators of a civilization.  In the afternoon, we met with Mr. Patrick to learn about our school’s property.  We walked the property line and brainstormed ideas for future projects.  Tomorrow morning students will work on completing their CMS field guide. Have a great night!


Seminar Thursday

Flatland Vocabulary Thursday

Meet w/ Rob Thursday

Cook w/ Rob Friday

Math Word Problems Friday

Industrial Revolution Papers Tomorrow

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