Verbals can only be adjectives. T or F.

In mathematics we reviewed functions and absolute value.  Students are becoming expert observers. They can recognize patterns and make generalizations about patterns. Coach Dave visited for a tennis lesson. We reviewed last year’s lessons, and we played tennis games. Coach Dave will be back next week. After lunch, we had a grammar lesson on verbals.  We discussed the three different kinds of verbals (infinitive, participle, and gerund).  We will practice identifying verbals in sentences on Thursday.  I met with each student individually to discuss their humanities projects due Thursday.  Their research will be presented in various ways (paper, model, monologue). Choice is encouraged. We also discussed the 9 separate places in the World where farming began.  We will be researching these places in the upcoming weeks.  We are leaving today at 3:30 to serve hot meals downtown at Vincent de Paul Church.  The class is really looking forward to helping out.