The Incredible Hulk

The class really enjoys having CE/PE on Wednesdays. It is a nice break in the week from their core academics to work on creative projects. This morning we started a poetry unit. We discussed what poetry is and identified the different types of poetry. Each student will be completing a poetry book with their own poems and research.  Next week we will look into the elements of poetry and famous poets.  Our seminar today was really successful. We read Nick Carr’s Is Google making us Stupid?  Or how we titled it…Is Google making us less intelligent? Really great discussion on how the internet is changing the way we think, the way we receive information, and how we are loosing our concentration to read books. The class also practiced their memorization skills by studying the muscles in the human body. Their workouts can now be designed to target specific muscles. Tomorrow is TGIT day. Can’t Wait!  – Ms. Jenna

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