Laver La Voiture

Our day started with a discussion of possibilities for an overnight camping or fishing trip.  We’ve decided to postpone the overnight to allow for more coordination and planning.  

The announcement on Monday of the Nobel Prize for Medicine could not have come at a better time as it ties directly into our science seminar topics of cellular functions.  We have been studying cellular respiration and the anatomy of cells.  The recent findings have shed light on the more enigmatic processes of eukaryotic cells, specifically- how cells transport products like neurotransmitters to unique nerve synapses and how cells can communicate with each other using proteins.

We had a productive review session for the first nine sections of the geometry text and continued to work on the new geometry topic of “Induction vs. Deduction”.  A word puzzle on this topic led us to an investigation of the Panama Canal, central American geography, ocean currents, marine navigation and locks and dams.  We all thought it would be great to take a trip to the Mel Price locks and dam near Alton……..but, the locks are closed to visitors until the government shutdown is over.  

After lunch, Ms. Jenna led the students in a workshop on constructing powerful sentences using decisive words while I set up our new hydroponics system.  With a little luck we will have a local fish swimming in our tank providing the nutrients to basil and wheatgrass.  

Ms. Jenna and the students tended to the garden and swiss chard was the reward.  We decided to work together to make chard chips.  The chips were delicious.  

With Steven, Elizabeth and Jordan gone for the last hour, Josh instructed Anthony in a lesson of French.  

It was a fun and productive day. 

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