Wonderful Wednesday (alliteration)

Today was a very successful CE/PE day.  Poetry lessons were interrupted by a mid-day tennis match and fire drill.  The cool fall air must have been just what they needed, because when they returned, they exhibited the skills to read and interpret poetry.  Mike and I were impressed listening to the students dissect various poems.  Keep it up class!  After lunch, we reviewed the periodic table and the element cards made last year by the students.  During seminar, we discussed Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron. The story corresponds perfectly with the dystopia novels we are reading in class.  The class also took a trip to Petco to purchase our first class pet, Santiago.  Santiago will be helpful in explaining the science behind hydroponics systems.  Tomorrow, it is back to business. Math in the morning, history lessons in the afternoon. Don’t forget tomorrow you will present your history projects to the lower elementary classrooms.  Have a good night! Ms. Jenna