Every Word is a Diamond

We were shorthanded once again today.  We wish Jordan and Elizabeth both safe travels home from their trips.

It was great to get back to meetings and mathematics this morning.  Steven, Josh, and Anthony worked on math review for the first part of the day.  Their hard work was rewarded with a nice lunch in our classroom and an outdoor lesson on plant identification.  The goal is to have the CMS Field Guide for Shrubs and Trees prepped for the presses by the end of October.  We ran into some complications as we used our Trees of Missouri Field Guide to identify ornamental varieties on campus, but we had success classifying the plants that were not present in our field guide.  We positively identified the Pin Oak, the Ashe Juniper, and the Green Ash to species.  I’m confident that, with another field guide, the students will be able to further classify the Locust, Ash, Pine and Juniper trees that populate our campus.  

Coach Dave returned for his penultimate tennis lesson before an early dismissal this afternoon.  We are so lucky to have our own tennis coach who provides us with the tools and instruction for such an entertaining sport.  

The students, Ms. Jenna and I are looking forward to the student-led conferences on Friday.  They will continue to work on their presentations during the week.  

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