Best Camping Trip Ever!

First, we crossed the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers on a ferry to get to Pere Marquette State Park, we nearly hit two juvenile bald eagles that flew right next to Mr. Mike’s car. Second, we set up camp and ate lunch. On our hike we were attacked by lady bugs. The views from the top were beautiful. We went to the lodge after our hike to locate trilobites and learn the history of the building. Our hunt for trilobites in the limestone blocks of the Great Hall was unsuccessful, so we decided we should walk to a cemetery nearby. There is a lot of history in a cementery. Ms. Jenna’s brilliant idea was to come back to the cemetery later in the evening to celebrate Halloween.  At camp, we built a fire, had chili, and ate smores. We went back to the cemetery at night, where Ms. Jenna thought she was sinking into the ground. Our final activity for the night, was an intense chess game between Jordan and Steven. In the morning, we received a tour of the park’s water plant to go along with our water study.  We headed home when the rain began. The class and the teachers had fun on the camping trip. Steven especially had fun.-Elizabeth, Steven, Mr. Mike, and Ms. Jenna

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