Devoutly, devoted we work.

Back to work. The class divided this morning to review important math lessons. We reviewed basic algebra, geometry terminology, slope, and functions. The older students presented a lesson on functions to the 6th years using the popular function machine. Edgar Allen Poe’s The Oval Portrait was an appropriate choice for our literature seminar with Halloween coming up.  Poe is a master at depicting a dark and mysterious setting.  Many of the students had difficulty interpreting the text because of the vocabulary chosen by the author.  They will review the text again tonight to define words they did not know.  In the afternoon, we discussed part II of George Orwell’s 1984.  The Party’s tactics are an important part of every discussion we have about the novel.  To reflect on contemporary media’s influence on us, the students were asked to choose an event in history to research. Their assignment is to identify written sources to prove that the event actually happened.  The class is excited for Riddle Day tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in costume and character. 

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