Nap Time.

While none of the student’s in our class had a nap today, sleep was on everyone’s mind.  They were not sleep-deprived.  They did not look tired in the least.  They were not sleepy at all.  The reason sleep was on our minds was because we attended a lecture on the topic of our biological clocks, circadian periodicity, and the importance of sleep. The lecture was fascinating, entertaining, and relevant to the students.  We learned that as students enter high school they will need more rest than they require now and that the best way to enhance test scores (in addition to hard work and preparation) is by analyzing their sleep patterns and scheduling the test according to their chrono-type.  Josh and Jordan were chosen to help collect data from the audience and they did a great job (and looked great in their CMS sweatshirts).  I was impressed with their ability to follow such complicated subject matter, even through a heavy lesson of experimental genetic techniques.       

Ms. Jenna attended an ISACs conference and Anthony was home sick today.  We are looking forward to their return tomorrow and a productive Friday.  

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