This morning we started with math, making flashcards for Trigonometry. After finishing the flash cards we mixed it up a little and studied the history of trigonometry, and mathematicians that have contributed to it. Anthony and I then began work on Micro-economy and after a mix up with the website we were using to purchase wax sheets from we had to call them. It seems their website was having some difficulties involving you not being able to choose shipping, the woman I talked to on the phone told me they were working on it, and that it would be fixed in an hour. After lunch we presented our timelines/maps. We then began work on our 1984 play titled [NAME REDACTED], let’s just say it involves Anthony’s character “knowing too much”. We ended the day with French and I went back onto the website from before and was able to successfully order the wax sheets (which we will be using for rolled candles). 

– Jordan