The Patience Pole

It all began at 8:30 this morning… We heard Elizabeth was sick,  so we invited some sidekicks from 6th grade to accompany us in our trip to Dr. Annette Haines’ horse farm. It was about an hour drive to Red Fox Horse Farm, an hour filled with hardship and adventure. But then we saw it, our destination, the farm! We disembarked from our cars and were greeted by Dr. Annette Haines herself. She showed us around the barns, filled with stalls for the horses. We met the horse trainer, Pedro. He was doing something called a “Corto” with one of the horses. After showing us around the facilities we took a hike through the forest. Once we got back to the farm itself we ate some lunch and played with some of the apples that fell from a nearby tree. We departed, and began our hour-long trip back to school. 

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