We began our day in the usual way with a morning meeting. We had a quick discussion and then it was off to math. Anthony, Jordan, and I reviewed our algebra word problems. We discussed how x amount of oranges plus 16 pieces of fruit equals 42 pieces of fruit, and that when you subtract the 16 pieces of fruit from the total 42 pieces of fruit you get 2 pineapples (the moral of this story is read your word problems throughly). After that we had a lesson on how to write a literary response. Then came lunch. Todays lunch was quite philosophical, what i mean is Jordan, Anthony, and I were playing a game where we tested our knowledge of one another.It was quite serious until Jordan asked a philosophical question that we expanded upon until we had a very adolescent-esque universe. but we were brought back down to earth when we had our grammar work shop and we analyzed a sentence from great expectations by Charles dickens. after that we had a lesson on how to use the library database, and everyone got frustrated because the database was not letting us access the documents. We were quite thankful when french class came, even though we began our studying for our French quiz that is on Tuesday next week.


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