Think and Write

This morning we finished making rolled candles for Grandparents Day. We added designs to some of the candles and prepared a display to showcase the candles.  We then had a grammar workshop on avoiding loose sentences and keeping related words closely together in sentences. We discussed tips on writing timed essays and Ms. Jenna gave us 2 prompts to choose from. We then had 25 minutes to respond.  At the end of the time period, we shared our essays discussing the main ideas, tenses, paragraph structure, tone, effect, etc.  Our final task was to edit our own writing and share with the group our own personal writing goals.  We are now cleaning and waiting on a performance from Fabi and Anthony. The Turkey Trot was a huge success, so we are really looking forward to selling candles tomorrow. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  -Steven and Ms.Jenna 

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