The Adolescents: There and Back Again (Part 1 of 2)

Five students, two teachers, one class. This semester they embarked on a journey that would change their lives. It all began in the fall semester of 2013. These five students were no ordianry students, they were Montessori students. They had the ability to learn the way they needed. They began the semester journey with two new wonderful students. They began by using their Imagination Passport to travel back in time to the ancient Indus River Valley where they learned about early agriculture. Then came the hard part of the journey, they needed to split up, and go their separate ways. Some students ventured to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, while others ventured to Central and South America, but there came a time when the oldest of these adventures were reunited by the the power geometry. They studied for weeks (or was it months?) until they could study no more, but then, in an instant and there appeared Mr. Mike, the prophecized second teacher! But the students were weary of math, so it was decided they would go on a great adventure into the wilderness of Pere Marquette state park. ¬†After their ghostly time in the park they returned to the safety of the school, and began a new study in the TIMELINE OF HUMANITY! We found the many great wonders of the world, and studied many famous people. It was then they decided we should take a break from adventuring, and settle down to a more refined task, like poetry! And so, the great adventurers settled down for the winter, but do not fret, they will be back and at it next semester! The end… But not really.¬†