Do you know where your shirt was made?

It was great to be back after what seemed like a long break for Thanksgiving.  With only two and a half weeks left in the semester, we wasted no time this morning and dove right into SSAT (Secondary Schools Admittance Exam) prep work.  Our students will be taking the SSAT soon and, because they have not been familiarized with the finer points of standardized testing, we decided it would be great to go through a few practice tests.  Tomorrow, we will be having a “mock” test with stop watches and without calculators.  We are looking forward to seeing all of the great work that the students will be completing over the next two weeks, especially the poetry books and second round of rolled candles.  Oh, did we mention that we sold out of our entire stock of candles at Grandparents Day!  The micro economy is flourishing.

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