101 languages

We began our day in the un-usual way- looking for candle wicks. we were beginning to make a large order of candles when we realized that we did not have any wicks to roll our candles with. As we began to search for the wicks we got side-tracked and began to clean out the class room closet. Once the closet was spotless and organized Anthony, Steven, and Mr. Mike embarked on a journey to Michael’s to purchase candle wicks. Alas Jordan, Elizabeth, Ms. Jenna, And I were left to work on making our own language. Making our own language is our latest assignment to prepare for the release of The Desolation Of Smaug. I had just finished coming up with my verbs for my language, when Mr. Mike and his entourage returned. We stopped working on our languages and began to make the candles. We finished our candles by lunch time with a grand total of 50 candles. After lunch we went to the library to research for our humanities projects. We arrived back at school at  2:30 just in time for French.

        – Josh 

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