Where is the beef broth?

Hello fellow humans, this is commander Josh and Anthony here to tell you about Thursday, January 30. Today’s mission started out with a rad lesson about radicals (math puns!!!). We used our knowledge of radicals to help calculus ate some of the world’s greatest equations ever thought of. Our real mission began after the lesson, our top secret mission, when our bosses (Mr. and Mrs. Hill) assigned us to help fill food orders and stock the shelfs at food outreach. This mission was, by far, one of our greatest and most enjoyable missions this whole year. We had lots of positive interaction with both other volunteers and customers. The day went by quickly with all of the participation. We are very glad to have had the opportunity to help serve the community.

– Josh and Anthony

The Artistic Types

This morning the students took a psychopath test, lucky for us, most of the students tested below average. The class also read forensic case studies with Ms. Jen.  We then discussed the peopling of America. The class sketched routes the first humans took on a map. Students examined their writing more closely. They are working on thinking and writing at the same time. In the afternoon, we volunteered at Chesterfield Arts. We spent our time cleaning two art classrooms. The class will be preparing overnight proposals over the weekend.  Great week everyone! See you on Monday!