It feels good to be back!  We have been vary grateful for our snow days this year, but we are also very happy to be back in school.


On Tuesday we began full-force, with a new addition to our class room. Joining us for this semester is Ms. Jen, a science teacher from the Montessori high school in Cleveland Ohio. After meeting Ms. Jen we divided up into our math groups and Jordan, Anthony, and I began to study our geometry. Once we were done we ate lunch and discussed the holiday break and the snow days. In the afternoon we had our first Civics lesson, which lasted all afternoon.     


we began with an art history lesson that lasted all morning. We then ventured into the realm of creative expression, discovering the different medias and styles that is used in art. Once we were done with that we had lunch. After lunch we had our seminar on How To Build A Fire  by Jack London. After that we had a debate on gun control, which took us up to french.


This morning we began with our morning meeting and quickly led into our math session. We had a long in-depth discussion resulting in us moving onto our geometry. After that we began our grammar lesson, in which we analyzed the sentences that we use most often.  We worked up to lunch time. Once we had finished lunch we began our civics lesson completing lesson two and moving on to lessons three and four which took us up to french. We ended the day with a calm study hall.




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