J&A Coming to Carnegie Hall

Ye can do math-ee-matics all simple like if you use jus’ a few simple conjectures. Findin’ congruency becomes super easy.  Today we also learned that we’d be the bes’ event planner in the whole darn tootin’ USA. Both Anthony an’ I played our numba’ one hit single The Ranch is Tough (COMING TO A VENUE NEAR YOU!). After playin’ all ’round the school we came back to our stompin’ grounds and asked our guest Rob Raleigh a lil bit about his life in China. Afterwards we did some good ‘ole French, where we learned how to call our pals over in Texas all French like! Hope you enjoyed our tale of this past day!  Time for me to mosey on down the road, pardner.

– Anthony and Jordan (with guest performance by DJ Master Itchy Itch)

“The ranch is tough” by Jordan and Anthony