February 3-7 highlights

1. Western Lands in the early 1800’s 2. Walt Whitman’s Pioneers! O Pioneers 3. Lewis and Clark Expedition 4.  What to pack in a keelboat 5. Multiplying polynomials w/ the checkerboard 6. Algebra tiles 7. How to write a literature summary 8. Seminar on Jared Diamond’s article The Worst Mistake Made in Human History 9. Seminar on the Thai fable Never Trust a Pelican 10. Mock Trial led by    Ms. Jen 11. Potato and Garlic Soup 12. Washington D.C. class trip planning 13. Human behavior chart 14. Talent Show preparation      15. Story of US 16. Geometry test on Triangle Congruence

Great week everyone!  See you on Monday.

Ms. Jenna