D.C. update

Planes soaring, engines roaring, puffy clouds roll by
Concrete jungle we have arrived
Smart card purchased
Here we go

I spy with my little eye
Gadgets, pigeons, and James Bond
Crosswalks, crowds, and busy streets
At night the city is loud

The break of dawn a new day come
The rumble of the train
Formation straight, we ride
Jefferson, Lincoln, MLK

Somber was the afternoon
As we witness the reality of the Holocaust tragedy
We will never forget
We will always remember

Building to building
Books, Justice, Nations Pride
Marble, mosaics, columns, domes
Plaza, courtrooms, spiral staircases

All along we stride
Ceramics, pottery, the sun, and the sky
Shuttles, moon rocks
Planes, lions manes, flags flying high

Sore feet
I’m beat
Time for pizza pie!