Day 1

Today was an excellent day. The students successfully navigated through airports, metro stations, and busy streets. We are staying in a spacious, beautiful apartment in downtown D.C. near Chinatown. After stocking the fridge with groceries for the week, we headed to the Spy Museum. The class especially enjoyed the James Bond wing of the museum. Tonight we are cooking pasta and planning tomorrow’s adventure.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Yeeeh haaaaa! Howdy ya’ll, today on the blog I’m going to tell you the story of how we made a movie about the Missouri State Guard during the Civil War. We went to Faust park to shoot our scenes there and it was a BLAST.  We took a “work” lunch break then got back to work, as usual. Miss Jenna climbed a tree, and in the end Mr. Mike came to her rescue.  After Mrs. Jenna was done monkeying around, we filmed our last scene and went back to the school.