The Cool Class and the River

For our final overnight we went on a float trip on the Big Piney river. Before the trip we went to Creve Coeur Lake with our canoe and practiced paddling, launching, and beaching. When we paddled down the Big Piney everyone did really well….. no capsizing. We would stop every once and a while to fish and play in the water. It took us around 5 hours to finish a 7 mile float. When we got to our campsite, we did what all campers do- we set up the tents. After we set up everything else we made dinner, went to gather firewood on the gravel bars, built a campfire, and then had s’mores for desert. Once we finished eating we all told a story where each person began a sentence and the next person continued the sentence. We did that only twice and then we sang some songs and then got ready for bed. The next morning we had pancakes and eggs, took down camp, packed the cars, loaded the canoe, and prepared to go swimming. We swam and sunbathed and then we drove back to CMS. And remember, only YOU can prevent wildfires.

-Steven and Elizabeth

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