Helping the community.

Hello, this is Max. Today we went to Food Outreach, what we did was we helped stock shelves to prepare for tomorrow where they fill out orders of food for people who have AIDS or HIV that have a low income. On mondays they serve a warm meal at lunch time that anyone is welcome to enjoy. We would typically help out with the cooking and preparing but they had a guest chef group to prepare it from a restaurant in Edwardsville, Illinois. After everyone was finished we helped clean up and then we came back to our classroom and practiced our French play. Goodbye!

Movie Night

A night to be remembered thanks to the hard work and planning of many. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to our next opportunity to host another all-school event.




We continued our study of world religions and their dimensions at the Basilica Cathedral. Tomorrow, we will visit the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple



We have been busy…

The month of November was filled with so much activity that we forgot to update our blog on a regular basis. Our study of food preservation was a highlight of the year to date. With the complete integration of all the disciplines and a large serving of hard work from the students, the Grandparents’ Day sale was an enormous success. The adolescents have sold out of all of their apple butter and there are only a few jars of cranberry sauce remaining.