A January to Remember.

The adolescents hit the ground running this semester. We were so fortunate to have some great weather for outdoor adventures, opportunities to serve our community at CMS and beyond, time for creative and constructive work, and plenty of fun (of course).








Shaw Nature Reserve

The sixth grade students joined us for a visit to Shaw where we learned how to harvest the sap from sugar maples. We were able to sample the local syrup before we began an afternoon course on orienteering. It was a great day to be outside in nature.




Its the new week of school.

So it’s the new week of school. After break. Sigh. So we are doing research on religion that we have just about wrapped up. We are taking all of the research we have done and presenting¬†it in a pamphlet. We have also done many writing work shops over the week including one where we wrote a step-by-step description of how to do something and another story that was written while listening to classical music. We chose the timing of our events and what to write as the music came to us. In the math department we have been delving into balancing equations and solving for x with the use of materials¬†that represent numbers and variables such as x squared, 1 x, x cubed, and a unit. On Wednesday we took notes while viewing a powerpoint on different elements of art including line, shape, color, texture, space, and form. In our studies of writing, besides the writing workshops, we learned about D.I.D.L.S: Diction, Images, Details, Language, and Sentence structure. In French we have been working on how to ask if people like to play sports. Faire de l’equitation? That means do you like to go horse back riding in French. Over all we have had a great week!

Declan Kelly