2 Sentence Scary Stories

My parents said this movie might give me nightmares. But they didn’t say I would be awake when they came.  -Julia

“Just one little hug,” she crooned, her dress torn and covered with blood. My eyes fly open, relaxing from the nightmare, until I see her grinning face next to me. ~Caroline

I opened the phone to see the video. I should have looked up. -Allison

The doctor said to take some medicine to help me sleep. It’s still just as hard with the faces appearing and disappearing in the windows. ~Max

The artist painted a still life painting. It moved… ~Annabel

We have a bug problem at our house. They keep getting bigger. ~Paige

Week in Review

Mathematics: function machines, vertical line test, independent vs dependent variables, logic seminar, function notation, calculated mulch needed for the playground and negotiated the contract for spreading the mulch on the school property 

Language: Farenheit 451 and Flowers for Algernon discussions, creating writing workshop about Emily and the tunnel, Land poems

Occupations: Human body systems

CE/PE: poetry, watercolor, tennis

Micro-economy: canvas bags, pumpkin hunt prep, seed balls

Stay tuned for more projects to help fund the spring trip campaign!

Outing: St. Peter’s Recyling Center