The Good Work Continues…

It’s amazing to reflect on how much work our adolescents are doing in the classroom and the CMS community. The first two weeks of November have been exciting!

Mathematics: Volumetric Analysis, Modeling the Growth of Fishes, Producing Tables and Figures in Microsoft Excel, Scientific Notation, Graphing Inequalities, Binomial Cube, Exponents

Humanities: Humanism and the Humanities, Historcal factors in the Renaissance, Background to the Renaissance

Occupations: Introduction to Bridges- forces, design, and function, Genetics of Cloning

Creative Expression: Art History, Brunelleschi, Raphael, School of Athens, Perspective Drawings, Francesco Petrarch, Photo-realism, Mindfulness Exercises, Community Lunch

Grammar/Writing Workshops: Comma Usage, Commonly Misused Words, Advanced Parts of Speech Mad-libs

Mirco-Economy: Together We are Better Fundraiser Prep, Turkey Trot Prep, Movie Night Prep, Apple Butter Prep

Seminar: Immigration Policies in U.S., House of the Scorpion Discussion





Week Agenda

Mathematics: Squares, Squaring, & Parabolas, Negative Exponets, Mathematicians of The Renaissance, Absolute Value, Functions

Language: Sonnets of the Renaissance, How to introduce a novel, Writing Response Edits, House of the Scorpion Discussion

Humanities: Intro to Humanism, Medieval vs Renaissance Art, Brunelleschi’s Linear Perspective, Florentine Architecture

Creative Expression: Two-Point Perspective, Poetry, Mindfulness

Micro-economy: Turkey Trot, Together We’re Better