Company Presentations

Today, we had a great discussion about corporations around the world. Each student presented an overview of the operations of a company of interest while highlighting the ethical choices the companies have made in their history. We ended our discussion celebrating Barbie’s new identity. Hooray for diversity! 


Investigating Water Flow

Investigating water flow at the Land School property is an excellent example of an occupation project. The students identified an issue present on the property (flooding and erosion) and will research theses processes, reach out to experts in the field, and attempt to migrate their effects.


Week in Review

Mathematics: Bar graphs, dot plots, box and whisker plots, word problems, geometric proofs, inductive/deductive reasoning

Language: Last of the Mohicans book discussion, vocabulary, contractions, possessives, hyphens, dashes, Myths vs Legends writing workshop

Humanities: European Discovery of the Americas, tips for internet research, Model UN

Science:  Anthropocene Epoch: The Age of the Human

CE/PE:  Hudson River School Artists, landscape paintings, kickboxing cardio, council meeting, website design

Micro-economy: Valentine’s day sale prep, business ethics