Week in Review

Mathematics: Trinomial factoring-negative coefficients, leading coefficients not prime, variable in both terms & higher power trinomials, triangle congruencies, congruence short-cuts, seminar

Occupations: Scientific writing, The Scientific Method and Experimental Design, The Scientist in the Crib Seminar, Babies documentary Group Project, current events, Model UN

Language: William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, the steps taken to write a literature response, Writing Rules

Creative Expression: Food photography (chocolate covered strawberries)

WELCOME, NATE! We are so glad to have you join us for the remainder of the year.



Week in Review

Mathematics: Removing common factors, distributive property, multiplying polynomials  with the checker board, geometric construction, proving isosceles triangles, and calculating the rising costs of raising a child

Language: William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, peer-editing session

Occupations: The Marshmallow Test, self-control, executive function, experimental design

Seminar: Delayed gratification discussion

Creative/physical expression: Stomp performance, food photography, community lunch, humanities skit

Micro-economy: Preparation for movie night, updating records from Valentine’s Day Sale

Week in Review

Mathematics: A review of linear equations and their applications in our micro-economy. Triangle Constructions: mid-segments, medians, perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors. Parallel Lines and investigating proofs in Byrne’s The Elements of Euclid.

Language: Understanding keywords on essay questions and tests, Last of the Mohicans book discussion, organizing a literature response paper, William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

Micro-economy: Sugar scrub, tea towels, jewelry, updated records

Seminar/ Humanities: Chief Seattle: The Earth is Sacred, One Clan’s Unique Weapon Against Big Oil, group skit

Creative Expression: Chesterfield City Hall Art Exhibit