Week in Review

Mathematics: Absolute value equations, percent change problems, semester review (slope, angles, factors, geometry, laws, vocabulary, fractions), geometry exam

Language: Verbals, run-on sentences, comma splices, problem words in papers, Of Mice and Men discussion & film, organizing ideas for a literature response, water poetry

Civics: The American Economy, Taxes, The Cost of Water

Occupations: Flow and erosion, effects of water on the land, Properties of Water, The Wonders of Water, Literary works about Water, Distribution of Fresh Water on Earth

Seminar: Delhi’s Water Mafia, Parched Planet:Leading in a world with less water

Creative/ Physical Expression: Drawing crashing waves, Morpho Mania at the Butterfly House, community lunch


Bush Honeysuckle Sweep

This morning the students and volunteers from the Missouri Audubon Society, MOBOT, Master Naturalist, Stream Team, Forest Re-Leaf, Monsanto, and St. Louis County Parks teamed up to remove bush honeysuckle from Creve Coeur Park. Today was an excellent example of students working side-by-side with specialists to achieve a common goal. The class enjoyed the opportunity to serve the community and to socialize with their friends while learning about the impact of invasive species.


Week in Review

Mathematics: Expii.com seminar, Student-conference preparation

Language: Compare and contrast essays, prefixes, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck introduction, avoiding plague words and phrases in essays

Humanities: Introduction to Civics, types of governments

Seminar: Toki Pona The World’s Smallest Language

Creative Expression: Stomp performance, Mildred Kemper Art Museum

Current Events: Common concerns about drones and how they are used.  How drone usage involves issues of privacy, liability, and public policy.