Week in Review

Mathematics: Math puzzles, substitution & elimination method, applying systems of equations to business

Language Arts: Creative writing: The day the internet went down, Pronoun confusion, misplaced modifiers, research methods, vocabulary, To Kill a Mockingbird reading discussion, Model UN resolution revision

Humanities: Water/Civics projects

Creative/Physical Expression: Tennis, Middle School Monologues

Seminar: Generation Plagiarism: a discussion of authenticity, originality, and morality when writing academic papers.

Micro-economy: 2016 CMS Talent Show

Week in Review

Monday-Wednesday: CTP4

Mathematics: Recreational math: tangrams, suduko, geometrical vanish, Haberdashers Puzzle, Rubik’s Cube, The Fifteen Puzzle

Humanities & Occupations: Model UN presentations, research strategies, keeping track of sources, finding information and choosing keywords

Language Arts: To Kill a Mockingbird disucssion, reading journal tips, determinatives

Creative/Physical Expression: tennis, tangram personifications

Many thanks to Mr. Luebbert (Nate’s Dad) for visiting the classroom! The class  enjoyed learning about the research process in a professional setting.  Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  1. Data & Information vs. Knowledge & Wisdom
  2. Education is about asking the right questions
  3. Research is exactly what it means….re-search. It’s a process!

Thanks again, Bryan, for sharing your insights with the students and starting a great discussion!



Week in Review

Mathematics: Graphing inequalities, strategies for test-taking, Algebra review

Language: To Kill a Mockingbird Discussion, types of anologies, vocabulary, reading journal review

Seminar: KIC 8462852 Star, standardized testing in American schools

Occupations: Morel mushroom hunting

Creative/Physical Expression: ZOOM, Tennis

Independent Work: Civics & water projects, words of wisdom project, Model UN

Outings: Land Lab, Washington University Engineering School