Week in Review-September 30,2016

Our week was busy, productive, and FUN! The class submitted the first round of literature response essays for the year, organized a sale of their custom CMS and Montessori-themed buttons for our Parent Education Night, and we even made it out on another adventure with the students of the MAP school for a morning of fishing at the educational lakes in Forest Park.  Work hard, play hard; that is the motto of our group this fall and we hope the great work continues.


Division of real numbers, simplifying expressions, probability, and functions

Language & Literature

  • The students read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and submitted their literature responses.
  • Creative Writing: Presidential address on national security, the economy, child care, and immigration.
  • Writing in the Active Voice
  • “What is going on in this picture?”


Introduction to Physics Unit

  • Who was the first physicist?
  • What is Science?
  • What fundamental forces are studied in Physics?
  • Seminar: How to create the world’s strongest magnet

Creative/Physical Expression

  • Fishing at Forest Park


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