Fall 2016 Stream Team

On Wednesday, we participated in a Stream Team investigation at the Land with students from the MAP School. Stream Team includes several water quality tests. First, we took a net sampling of invertebrates by putting a net in the water and disturbing the rocks. We pulled the net out of the water and examined the critters. Next, we took a survey of them and recorded the data. We did this test three times in different parts of the stream to calculate the average. Each animal is worth one, two, or three points depending on how tolerant they are to pollution. In total we got twenty-two points, which means that there is practically no pollution in the water. Whoo hoo!

Second, we tested how clear the water was. We did this by submerging a clear tube with marks on the side with a small hole and pattern at the bottom in the water called a Secchi disc. When we took the tube out of the water, we plugged the hole and looked into the top. The pattern at the bottom tells us how clear the water was. We did this at different sections of the stream. Each time we got the best score possible.

Third, we tested how much oxygen, nitrogen and salt was in the water. Here were our results: Oxygen: 91%, Nitrogen: 2.0 %, Salinity: .04 %

Go clean water, Go with the flow!


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