Moon Mythology

The CMS Adolescent Program took astronomy to a mythological level on Monday, October 17th. Inspired by all those myths about the universe and how it was formed, we took a small chunk of time to write ‘theories’ about how the Moon is what it is now. Some of us, like Allison and Caitlin, made references to Greek mythology and made a new twist on it. Others, like Carson and Caroline, came up with whole new plots, like a rebellion and a (supposed) love story. No matter the difference, they were all great stories that would definitely have a place in mythology.

I will not give out too many spoilers about the myths, but I will include an excerpt from one of them. You can ask the adolescents about their creative expressions, just in case you hunger for information. The truth is out there, deep in space somewhere…

“At one point in history, far before animals or humans walked upon the Earth, outside forces intended for Sun and Moon to rule over the Universe, with the planets of the Solar System in their service. Sun ruled over Day, and Moon was lord of Night. Back then, the Moon was not as small as it is now. In fact, it was so large, there was no need for other moons.

“Sun handled his authority brilliantly, being fair, firm, and slow to anger. Moon, on the other hand, was icy and harsh, often turning into shades of red and orange, the colors of anger. He also kept to himself, hiding his face from the others occasionally. The Moon long despised the night, and sought for a change by offering to trade places with the Sun. After accepting, Sun found out he could not belong in night, as everywhere he went was bright, and the Moon was still the darker one. Jealous, the Moon assembled an Asteroid army to take the Sun’s glory by force.”

— Carson Kizer

Well, what are you waiting for? Discover more secrets by asking us for the full stories!