A Black Hole

From Art to writing….

Today, we  wrote stories about what we saw in our pendulum paintings.  We could either use our own paintings for inspiration or our peer’s paintings. I used my own painting as my inspiration. My writing is titled “A Black Hole”.

A black hole brings all towards him. He sucks up life and land. Not in our galaxy, but in one where everything is colorless. Strings of comets line up, waiting one by one, to get taken away. Webs of mass, tangled together, struggle to get out of the black hole. Somehow, some of the small planets seemed to escape out of this vacuuming sensation. Everything goes between color every 100 miles. We watch this mess from afar, and manage to stay away. Safely away from the black hole.

A mix of red and blue suddenly outbreaks. You can see a flow of rocks behind, undisturbed and still colorless. Then, an indescribable thing happened…the hole began to close! While closing, the suction was even stronger than before. We were being pulled towards the hole! Luckily, the black hole closed before we could get sucked up.


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