Week in Review-Friday, November 18

Mathematics: Quadratic word problems, using the discriminant, quadratic inequalities, point-slope formula, modeling data, work with lines, dimensional analysis and conversion, math seminar, and review.

Occupations: Introduction to Chemistry, Nomenclature of ions and compounds. Seminar on the Science News article Units of Measure are Getting a Fundamental Upgrade.

Humanities: Model UN meeting and country research.

Language: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn reading discussion, constructing a thesis, outlining an academic paper, how to avoid run-on sentences, types of nouns, transitive and intransitive verbs, appositive phrases, spelling

Creative/physical expressions: Zen-tangles, Garden work

Micro-economy: Organized and planned the CMS Turkey Trot, Prep for Annual Apple Butter Sale

Community Service: St. Louis Area Food Bank

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