Slow down, Christmas!

Christmas is one of those holidays. Everyone gets pumped up for it, and spends several weeks preparing for it. Some people spend several months. We all know that one house- decked out in lights, wreaths and blow up Santas, with Christmas music blasting 24/7. Then there are those who set up when the rest of us are still stuffing turkey down our throats. True, a lot of it is influenced by grocery stores, and it’s great that they’re so enthusiastic- but when is too early to start your festive decorating?

In October, the greatest thing happening is Halloween. You get to dress up and collect free candy- dream come true! November is our time of thanks, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and three days off from school. Don’t be that annoying parent who cherishes your firstborn and neglects the other two. Love all your holidays equally, for they each bring something different to the table. Besides, you’re kind of taking away the Christmas spirit for some. Starting in the middle of November, if you come home everyday to a plastic Santa and reindeer, by December 19th you’ll want to grab Rudolph and fly away from your Winter Wonderland.

Everyone nowadays is so busy and rushed, we want to cram everything in. Slow down and stay organized, the plastic Christmas tree in your basement can wait a few more days. Go get gifts on Black Friday (if you can survive the crowds) and smack those lights on December 1st. Tis the season to be jolly is for one month only.

We talk about wanting vacation all year, but if that actually happened it’d get boring quick. “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” on repeat five weeks straight will drive anyone insane. Please chill with your holiday remixes. Everything comes in its own time. So gather those Kit-Kats in your Cinderella heels, eat your aunt’s pea salad while she marvels at your height, and then you can start wishing for a white Christmas.


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