The Real Incredibles

This year for movie night we are showing The Incredibles. We decided to make a rap about movie night. Here it is…

Gimme a beat!

Yo yo yo its the adlolecsents and

we’re back with another track

’bout somethin’ we did

tonight is movie night

this movie’s not a fright

The movie won’t be shown

in the daylight

The movie’s the Incredibles

the popcorn will be edible

and you know that we are the best

tonight will be better than all the rest

There’s Caroline and Annabel

and Caitlin whoo

Don’t forget Carson

he’ll be there too

Paige and Alli won’t be there

but we can feel their support

from everywhere

We’ll have 23 pizzas

that’s so much food

We will host the best movie night

can’t wait to see YOUUUUUUUU!

~ Annabel & Allison


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