Diary of a Wimpy Rock

Hello everybody! It’s Carson from the CMS Adolescent Program, and I have something to tell you. We were asked to put together creative writings from the perspective of… rocks. Some people think rocks are dull. THAT’S A LIE!!! You don’t know what you’re talking about! Anyway, these writings are not dull at all. This particular writing is by a student who will remain anonymous (here’s a hint: his name rhymes with Carson). Anyway, here you go! P.S: The title of the writing is the title of this blog.

January 21, 2015.

Dear diary, this is my very first entry. My name is Rusty Breckenstone (some of my buddies said there was something called Breckenridge or whatever, but my name is still COMPLETELY original. Also, I’m not the kind of guy you might meet on the street, but I am. You see, I’m a rock, so yeah, I do see people on the street (and feel their shoes).

You must think it’s hard for me to be stepped on all the time, but it’s not so bad. We aren’t called rocks for nothing. Otherwise, we would’ve declared war on the humans long ago. And won. It’s only bad when they spit on us (or worse, vomit). Like I said, we’re rocks, so we don’t exactly have the luxury of showers. Because of this, we absolutely loathe human saliva. It’s not painful though. Just disgusting.

Anyway, I just became part of a sidewalk called “Ms. Jaya’s Path”(Yes, we do have a sense of hearing), so hooray for me! I was just promoted to metamorphic status so, you know, I had a dream to be used in industry. I don’t know why, but I’m still wet from being at the bottom of a river. I’ll have to get used to being dry and meeting new (and generic) rocks to hang out with.


January 22, 2015.

Dear diary, I am dry. As of now, I have finished the painful journey from igneous rock to metamorphic rock. Finally that terrible magma stage is over! Oh, wait, it has been for years, heh heh. Rookie mistake. Oh by the way, I was looking though some of my records today and I found my first diary from 200 years ago! I copied it on this page so I can easily retrieve it. Let me read it…

“June 7, 1804,

“Dear diary, today, Meriwether Lewis tripped on me. He might’ve bruised a toe, so yeah. I know I’ll never be as famous as that stuck-up Plymouth Rock, but I’ll still go down in history (I think). Anyway, thought you should know. Oh, and I became an igneous rock, too! No more magma, no more cooling, no more black and smelly… stuff. See ya tomorrow!


Cool, huh? To think that a famous explorer tripped on me 213 years ago and now I am a gravel path in front of a school! I know rocks don’t do hashtags, but there’s nothing stopping me: #IAmHistorical.


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