Week in Review- September 28, 2017

Mathematics: Bar graphs and dot plots, five-number summaries and box plots, Math Seminar, solving quadratics, mathematicians of early astronomy

Occupations: Introduction to prairies at Shaw Nature Reserve, The properties of water, Why is the Earth Habitable? seminar, Snowball Earth discussion, Habitat Earth 

Humanities: Tips for choosing a research topic

Language: Transition worlds, future world creative writing, Fahrenheit 451 vocabulary and discussion

Micro-economy: Compost!, Fertile Farm Sale prep, famous entrepreneurs

Community: Montessori Adolescent Program (MAP) Meet Up & scavenger hunt at the Land


Bamboo Poetry

A Couplet of Bamboo

How green and great

How many things can it create?

Grass green and vast,

for a long time it will last.

You can eat its shoots,

You can replant its roots

With its stalks build a bridge and a boat,

and bamboo is a good thing, I write.

Now I see what it brings back to me,

People and nature in symphony


Bamboo Poem

Tall, think stalks of green and brown

Roots just barley underneath the ground

Strong and sturdy yet hallow inside

But where does flora abide?

Is big forests with black and white

They get chopped off with one big bite

You can also find them here, you see

Just come to the land with me!


A Forest of Wonder

The Forest of Wonder that is Bamboo

Is living breathing part of nature

It bends in the breeze and sways with the air

The plant is beautiful beyond compare

Its stock is a tool that nature provides

Its sight is a beauty we see with our eyes

All in all its a wondrous thing

To see all the beauty that nature can bring



Week in Review

Mathematics: Fractals, Exponents, Fractions, Math Seminar, Algebra 1 Review

Humanities: Hunter-gatherers and the transition to Agriculture reading and discussion, Humanities Project Planning, Timeline of Humanity

Language: Elements of Literature, “Happiness Depends on Grammar” / Intro. to Grammar, Fahrenheit 451 Part 1 discussion, “Thousands of versions of you” writing workshop

Creative/physical expression: The History of Concrete, CMS service project- mulched path and stepping stones

Micro-economy: AP program finance and budgeting, buttons, project planning

Land: Nature journaling and harvesting bamboo for micro-economy project

Next week: AP OVERNIGHT!!!! Backpacking/ canoeing trip to the Wilderness of Southern Illinois.


Sunny, electric, and downright tropical…

Did we catch your attention? Sunny, electric, and downright tropical is a description used to describe paw paw fruits. Paw paw fruits are plentiful at the land school property this year and were the perfect find to end our fantastic first week of school.

Here is our Week in Review:

Mathematics: What is Algebra? Introduction to signed numbers, operations w/ integers, Key words in Algebra, Introduction to simplifying and combining expressions, Introduction to solving equations, The Coordinate Plane

Language: John Steinbeck’s The Pearl and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway discussion, Introduction to MLA, Creative Writing workshop (What does the wilderness mean to me?)

Seminar: Early Agriculture- How the First Farmers Changed History

Humanities: The peopling of the Earth, Introduction to the humanities timelines, mapping early agriculture civilizations

Micro-economy: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, brainstorm session

Creative/physical expression: Introduction to Visual Arts, Paddling at Creve Coeur Lake

Land: Survey and orientation to the land, writing workshop

And this was a 4 day week!!!


First Day of School!

The CMS Adolescent Program got off to a fresh new start on September 5, 2017. There are now eight people in the group: Seven 7th years and one 8th year (cough, me, cough). We started off the day with our morning meeting to outline the day and to set due dates for our projects. For math, we worked on signed numbers and were given an introduction to algebra. For language, we had a friendly discussion on our summer reading assignments, which went really well by our standards (this is coming from the wisdom of the 8th grader here; you can’t argue against it). Then we had lunch outside the building, which helped me to get to know some of the new students a little better. Afterward, we grabbed the tables in the pool deck and brought them to the curb (you’re welcome, everybody :D). Much of the afternoon consisted of us sitting on the rocks underneath the bridge as we were treated with a history lesson by Mr. Mike on early agriculture. It was a really nice day, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. Oh, it’ll be good…

— Carson

The students: Anna, Kaylee, Elishka, Embry, Maddox, Louis, Kingsley, Carson

The teachers: Ms. Jenna, Mr. Mike, Mme. Beth