First Day of School!

The CMS Adolescent Program got off to a fresh new start on September 5, 2017. There are now eight people in the group: Seven 7th years and one 8th year (cough, me, cough). We started off the day with our morning meeting to outline the day and to set due dates for our projects. For math, we worked on signed numbers and were given an introduction to algebra. For language, we had a friendly discussion on our summer reading assignments, which went really well by our standards (this is coming from the wisdom of the 8th grader here; you can’t argue against it). Then we had lunch outside the building, which helped me to get to know some of the new students a little better. Afterward, we grabbed the tables in the pool deck and brought them to the curb (you’re welcome, everybody :D). Much of the afternoon consisted of us sitting on the rocks underneath the bridge as we were treated with a history lesson by Mr. Mike on early agriculture. It was a really nice day, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. Oh, it’ll be good…

— Carson

The students: Anna, Kaylee, Elishka, Embry, Maddox, Louis, Kingsley, Carson

The teachers: Ms. Jenna, Mr. Mike, Mme. Beth

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