Sunny, electric, and downright tropical…

Did we catch your attention? Sunny, electric, and downright tropical is a description used to describe paw paw fruits. Paw paw fruits are plentiful at the land school property this year and were the perfect find to end our fantastic first week of school.

Here is our Week in Review:

Mathematics: What is Algebra? Introduction to signed numbers, operations w/ integers, Key words in Algebra, Introduction to simplifying and combining expressions, Introduction to solving equations, The Coordinate Plane

Language: John Steinbeck’s The Pearl and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway discussion, Introduction to MLA, Creative Writing workshop (What does the wilderness mean to me?)

Seminar: Early Agriculture- How the First Farmers Changed History

Humanities: The peopling of the Earth, Introduction to the humanities timelines, mapping early agriculture civilizations

Micro-economy: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, brainstorm session

Creative/physical expression: Introduction to Visual Arts, Paddling at Creve Coeur Lake

Land: Survey and orientation to the land, writing workshop

And this was a 4 day week!!!


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