Bamboo Poetry

A Couplet of Bamboo

How green and great

How many things can it create?

Grass green and vast,

for a long time it will last.

You can eat its shoots,

You can replant its roots

With its stalks build a bridge and a boat,

and bamboo is a good thing, I write.

Now I see what it brings back to me,

People and nature in symphony


Bamboo Poem

Tall, think stalks of green and brown

Roots just barley underneath the ground

Strong and sturdy yet hallow inside

But where does flora abide?

Is big forests with black and white

They get chopped off with one big bite

You can also find them here, you see

Just come to the land with me!


A Forest of Wonder

The Forest of Wonder that is Bamboo

Is living breathing part of nature

It bends in the breeze and sways with the air

The plant is beautiful beyond compare

Its stock is a tool that nature provides

Its sight is a beauty we see with our eyes

All in all its a wondrous thing

To see all the beauty that nature can bring



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